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We are a small team of experienced developers available to hire like individuals or a team

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What we offer

over time we acquired experience in a lot of languages and tools that we use on a daily base to solve various business challenges


We have experience building, refactoring and upgrading applications with PHP. We are using Yii/Laravel Framework to build web applications and REST API's

JavaScript & TypeScript

We are using Node.js, Express.js/Nest.js, RxJS, Vue.js, Quasar Framework, Astro to built web and mobile applications.


We like to use Rust as much as it is practical. We are using ActixWeb, SQLx and Dioxus to build applications and services.


We are using Ansible, Vagrant, Docker, Pulumi and Coolify to automate development and production environments

Rapid Application Development

Applications based on Google Workspace and Google Cloud platforms. Reading and writing data to external platforms: Stripe, QuickBooks, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Shopify, eBay, ShipStation, Notion, Ontraport...


We like to play with hardware. We are using Raspberry Pi and Arduino for simple projects or we can build custom hardware for specific need

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