Remote team
For your project

We are a group of software and hardware developers, designers and testers, who are passionate about their crafts and who enjoy working remotely.


We are building with:

  • JavaScript
    We are using Node.js, Express.js, RxJS, Vue.js, Quasar Framework, Gridsome, NativeScript and Electron
  • PHP
    We are using Yii Framework to build web applications and REST API's
  • Rust
    We are using Rust to build tools, automate and build web applications and REST API's
  • DevOps
    We are using Ansible, Vagrant, Docker and Terraform to automate development and production environments
  • Hardware
    We are using Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi for simple projects or we can build custom hardware for specific need

Contact us:

Feel free to contact us with your project need. We can help in any phase of your project.